Meet Deepak Patel

Hi, I'm Deepak and I'd like to share a bit of my story with you.


I have a background in computer science and spent 17 years working with large tech companies helping multi-billion dollar clients solve big problems using technology and software. I started with building software programs and then moved into sales and marketing where I personally sold over $150 Million in solutions in less than 5 years.


I always had the desire to be an entrepreneur and make a big impact in the market. In 2011 after my first son was born, my wife, who also was in a tech company, wanted to leave her corporate job and do something on her own.


We teamed up and started our first company "Staging Mantras" were we helped real estate agents sell homes by doing home staging. We grew that business with cold calling, door knocking, networking, referrals, direct mail, email marketing, facebook, event sponsorship, etc. and in 4 short years took the company from $0 to $350,000 in annual revenue, owned a large warehouse with over $200,000 in furniture inventory and had 2 full-time staff members.


But I wanted to scale the business to 7-figures and it simply was a big task with the logistics that were involved. So we stopped that business and instead focused on our real estate rental apartment business that I had started in parallel while I had my full-time sales executive role and running sales and marketing for Staging Mantras.


We created our second company called "Be Home Apartments" and went from 0 to 72 units (8 buildings ownership) in 18 short months. We invested all our money, $1.15 Million to be precise, into this portfolio that was worth just around $6.2 Million in 2019. This business does revenue of $720,000 per year in the rental collection. We own properties in four different markets in Canada. This is a much better business than staging since it has an appreciating asset (real estate value and rents always go up) vs the depreciating asset of furniture inventory. So this is a solid business for sure.


Now my wife runs the day to day operations for apartment and I wanted to go after my "dream" business because as much as like apartments and real estate, being a fanatic sales, marketing, and technology person, I wanted to do more and make a bigger impact.


​I started to look into the internet and online marketing business model and with the Facebook platform, the entire world of selling and marketing had changed for small businesses in the last few years.


I saw this as a big opportunity and started my consulting company "Core Funnels" by helping a small business owner to get clients using social media.


I left my sales executive job that paid me $330,000 annually between base and commission. In my last year did $720,000 in commission since I sold a large $55 Million deal and that felt great but I was still feeling I was playing a small game and something was just not feeling right.


I felt I achieved what I wanted to achieve in a corporate role after 17 years and had a lot of fun doing that. So I decided to leave my corporate job and pursue my true passion and invest some of the money I made to figure this entrepreneurship stuff out...


Very quickly I learned that being a "generic" consultant was a "rat race to the bottom" as every teenager was starting such consulting business at it required no initial investment unlike what I had to do in my past two companies (home staging and real estate business).


I struggled to really make this social media stuff working for me and after spending over a year and $42,000 into the business BUT


I did not get a client. Not even 1 single client using social media.


Just imagine, here I was with 20 years of experience, a successful salesperson, a successful real estate investor and business owner, a hands-on technology person, quite knowledgeable marketer but struggled to get a client.


Now I was determined to figure out the social media stuff, so deliberately I stayed away from using my traditional sales skills. I could have easily made cold calls, knocked on doors and got 10 to 20 clients for my consulting business BUT I refrained to do this as I wanted to build a company that can grow the multi 7-figures and the only way to do that was by using social media. Also, I had seen enough people be successful in this area, so I knew, this opportunity was for real, so I kept on investing every single dollar I had into my business.


My wife and I kept pushing along with our two boys (my 2nd son was born just around when I was starting my consulting company). I must admit that there were some very tough months and our cash flow was starting to be a big problem but we kept at it.


So now that you understand my history (sorry for it being long) you might be curious about how and why I decided to help "Financial Advisors and Planners" get clients.


That's an interesting story...


So I always wanted to do something in the zone of financial literacy. From 2008 to 2012 I volunteered for "Junior Achievement" program in Canada and spend a day in school with the 8-grade student learns about basic money management skills. I loved that.


​I also had thought of many ideas on starting a business to help solve the "Financial Literacy" problem in our society but nothing really stood out. 


While I am not super rich today but in the past 10 years when me and my wife moved to Canada, with literally $16,000 that we brought with us from my past job, we have been able to build our net worth to just over $3.4 Million as of 2019 at the age of 39 years. So I can say that I know a thing or two about finance, sales, marketing, technology, business, money, and life. Now I feel that I am just starting out, scraping the surface and have a long exciting journey ahead of me and my family.


One day my financial advisor came home to get some paperwork signed and as we started to discuss my new business, I was super pumped about the online opportunity to help people get clients. My advisor's firm was going through a big change and now he was asked to look at HNW (high net worth) individuals who had at least $1 Million in the investable asset. He had not done this before and really was not sure if his traditional methods of referrals, lead purchasing, seminar, and some cold calling will do it. He asked me if my online methods can help him here. 


For me, it was clear that online and social media was a solution for him. I did not have any experience doing this but knew everything to put a campaign together. We teamed up and I created a Facebook campaign for him to attract people with $500K investable asset. Within 3 months, $1800 in Ad spend, we ended up getting 125 leads from the local market on auto-pilot. My Advisors had to do nothing to generate this and all he had to do was some follow up to book meetings.


It worked and he got over 15 meetings done (since we last spoke) and he had some very large prospects with over $3 Million investable assets doing some serious discussions with him. 


For me, this was looking good. I then decided to FOCUS on a niche that was "Financial Advisors, Planners, RIA and Wealth Managers".


I had worked in the past with Realtors but for some reason, I liked Financial Advisors as pretty cool people to hang out with. I liked their business model and how they were getting paid, I like the technology shift that is going on in Financial industry with Fintech and I really like the BIG PROBLEM that the world faces with respect to Financial literacy and freedom.


During my 17 years of corporate, I have seen people making over $500,000 each year but still not able to retire or have a plan.


So this money thing and being rich is more complex than it looks and I believe Financial Advisors have a unique role to play in fixing this problem and If I can help them in the mission, I will be able to contribute to that goal.


​After all, I will never become an advisor or get a license, that is not for me. I like doing what I do and have found my thing. So helping Advisor is the only way to help others achieve financial freedom...


By now I had started to figure out LinkedIn and was able to get 30 booked meetings in just 1 month for my real estate program that I had. I used the exact same method and got 28 meetings with Financial Advisor in the next month. I got a few clients via this method.


​Finally, I was able to get clients from social media. (It felt really good)


I used the exact same method for Financial Advisors and they started to get meetings booked with LinkedIn and some leads with Facebook Ad.


​I was able to help over 40 Advisors make good progress and one of them ended up getting $1.7 Million in AUM (asset under management) from her 1st clients in just 7 weeks of working with me. Another one got $1.2 Million AUM with 4 clients, and many Advisors are now getting 3-4 meetings per week plus connecting with 300+ ideal target market every month.


Now since I have big goals and I know that the methods that the 40 advisors are using today can help thousands of other Advisors and so to help a large number of advisors, I have built a program that has what I call the "perfect environment" for an Advisor to learn and make all the change to get clients using social media. This program is my FOCUS and I am investing a lot of time and money into this to make the best program out there for Advisors.


​So that's what I do now and that is my mission. The good thing is I get to do what I am truly passionate about which is client acquisition.


You see there are an art and science in putting an end to end chain to convert a total stranger to paying client. I have a scientific problem-solving mind and I am constantly looking at data and metrics to see how I can improve results.


My solution involves a blend of technology, automation, experiments, and human psychological elements and that is the only way to make things work in this new age.


It's truly an exciting time and I am building a strong relationship with Advisors and here's my mission.


My mission is to get 👍RESULTS(🚀10+ meetings and $1 Million AUM every month consistently and predictably) for my clients (►Financial Advisors, RIA, Wealth Managers) using a systematic approach (✅my program Advisor Algorithm™ 👉 to help them overachieve their goals (📈add $10+ Million AUM each year) and aim for new order possibility (🔥make $500K+ personal production income in the next 3-5 years)


So if you are an advisor who wants to join a community of advisors trying to help people achieve financial freedom and make a better impact, then I welcome you to start our relationship by taking the FREE case study training. From there on if and when the time is right you will be given an opportunity to speak with me to see if we are fit.


Now I must warn you that I am not a fit for everyone and my methods do need some time and financial commitment from my Advisor clients. Working with me is not cheap but you will get return pretty soon as soon as you land the first few clients. 


So if you are not ready or are looking for some tricks of short cut, I am not your man. I just don't know how to do that stuff and I don't believe in it and so never bothered to look for that. 


All I can tell you is if you follow the steps and instructions then you will get clients, no question.


So with that said, I thank you for taking the time to read this big introduction and I hope you found some insight and inspiration to achieve your goals in life. 


talk soon...


- To Your Freedom
 - Deepak

I help Financial Advisors, Planners, RIA and Wealth Managers Get Clients With My Advisor Algorithm Program

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